Equitable Neighborhood Development

Equitable neighborhood development means building and maintaining neighborhoods where all individuals and families can thrive. This means ensuring that development is community-driven and responsive to the needs and aspirations of all community members, particularly the most vulnerable. NALCAB shapes the field of equitable neighborhood development and supports our members’ community organizing, policy advocacy, and real estate development work through capacity building technical assistance, training, direct investment, and research, data analysis and mapping.

What We Do

Beyond informing communities nationwide, NALCAB’s Equitable Neighborhood Development initiative supports our members and shapes the asset building field by undertaking the following activities in urban and rural areas. Our use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a data-driven approach to analysis, planning and development sets us apart in the asset-building field. The Equitable Neighborhood Development team provides technical assistance to local governments and non-profit organizations on a range of affordable housing and economic development issues, including:

Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance for member organizations and state and local governments on the following topics:

  • Affordable housing
  • Economic development
  • Federal block grant funds
  • Real estate acquisition and disposition
  • Housing finance and development
  • Economic development finance and planning
  • Accessing and using Federal community development funding
  • Community engagement
  • Fair housing planning
  • Market and housing assessments
  • Data analysis and GIS mapping

Community Inclusion

  • Design and implement citizen participation plans and resident engagement strategies
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Meeting facilitation

Fair Housing

Work with members and local governments to understand the legal context and implement fair housing choice in their markets.

  • National fair housing education and outreach campaigns
  • Analyzing real estate markets and fair housing choice

Fee for Service

  • Housing and market assessments
  • GIS mapping
  • Community engagement
  • Development of citizen participation plans
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Facilitation
  • Technical Assistance for HUD-related programs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Program design
  • Compliance
  • Staffing and organizational assessment
  • Financial management
  • eCon Planning Suite, IDIS, and DRGR

Current Work

JPMC ProNeighborhoods

Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development

In partnership with our members, NALCAB has developed a Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development. The Guide contains data and mapping tools to help community-based organizations analyze and anticipate real estate market activity in order to develop strategies and solutions for preventing displacement and helping low- and moderate-income individuals and families build wealth in changing neighborhoods.


An Analysis of Housing Vulnerability in San Antonio

A Review of EastPoint Neighborhood Investment Initiatives

A Sustainability Plan for the East Side Promise Zone

An Assessment of Housing and Housing Affordability in the Mission Promise Neighborhood

In 2014, NALCAB, in partnership with Márquez Community Strategy, created an Assessment of Housing and Housing Affordability in the Mission Promise Neighborhood for US Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhood grantee, the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) of San Francisco.  The assessment and accompanying TA focused on providing MEDA with deep analysis of factors influencing affordability and livability in the Mission District, longtime heart of the San Francisco Latino community, but facing increasing economic pressures due to private development. The goal of the assessment was to facilitate the integration of housing considerations into the Promise Neighborhood project, prepare MEDA to become owner-operator of the public housing stock in the Mission District, and create a place-based strategy that could promote and preserve housing affordability for low-to-moderate income residents. NALCAB analyzed a range of existing data sources to provide a detailed report on the demographic, economic and real estate market trends in the Mission neighborhood, the impact of those trends on the local housing market, and the effect of rapid real estate appreciation on housing affordability and residential displacement.

Fair Housing Education and Outreach Campaign Posters

NALCAB led a team of 14 partners in a year-long outreach campaign to educate communities across the U.S. about their fair housing rights and how to identify and report discrimination against individuals and families based on their national origin. Our campaign included competitions in ten cities for local artists to create fair housing posters. The winning designs were submitted by Make the Road New York, Thai CDC, and Hmong American Partnership