JPMorgan Chase Partners with NALCAB to Create Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development

SAN ANTONIO, TX – With support from JPMorgan Chase & Co., NALCAB has published a Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development that is a resource for community-based organizations that work to prevent involuntary displacement and ensure that low- and moderate-income people and small businesses share in the benefits of increasing investment in their neighborhoods. The purpose of this guide is to assist community-based organizations in creating and implementing data-driven strategies for equitable neighborhood development.

NALCAB’s new guide for advancing equitable development provides local leaders with practical tips and tools to ensure that economic growth in local communities is broadly shared by all residents”, said Janis Bowdler, Head of Community Development, JPMorgan Chase. “As we kick off our fifth PRO Neighborhoods CDFI Collaborative competition today, NALCAB’s toolkit will be a valuable resource to applicants and past winners.”

The guide provides principles for equitable neighborhood development, guidance on effectively engaging with local policy-makers, analytical tools and methods for anticipating neighborhood change and displacement, and strategies for adapting data analyses into policy and programmatic recommendations. The analytical tools for anticipating neighborhood change are based on knowledge accumulated by NALCAB Members through decades of community development experience. NALCAB has collected data on how and why neighborhoods are changing in cities across the country, and used public data resources to build tools that practitioners can use to anticipate where displacement will occur and to inform policy, programmatic, and investment strategies.

NALCAB, a 2014 PRO Neighborhoods winner, supports equitable neighborhood development and innovation in affordable housing finance by:

  • Supporting local equitable development practice and policy
  • Providing training to non-profit practitioners and municipal agency staff
  • Directly investing in affordable housing in gentrifying communities
  • Engaging in federal policy advocacy in collaboration with other national networks