A Statement on the President’s Budget



“The President’s budget request kicks away the ladder of economic mobility for working-class families in the United States and dramatically shifts costs to local communities.”





Friends and Colleagues,

Today, the White House released the President’s blueprint for the Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Budget.  It represents a radical shift of federal spending and includes the wholesale elimination of many investment programs that strengthen local economies and make economic mobility possible for working class people.  Please read my statement on the proposed budget.

It is the right time to take action with regard to the federal budget.

  • Please share my statement on the federal budget with your contacts and please support NALCAB’s social media efforts in the coming days.
  • Please call your members of Congress to communicate your strong opposition to cuts in the community and economic development programs that are highlighted in my statement.
  • In addition to calling your members of Congress, ask your local elected officials to call members of Congress.  Mayors, City Councilors, County Judges, State Representatives and Governors have even more direct influence on members of Congress and they all stand to lose a great deal in the President’s budget, if it is enacted.  In the coming weeks, NALCAB will be sharing materials throughout our Network to facilitate these critical local market advocacy efforts.
  • Participate in NALCAB’s regular Policy webinars, including the next session on April 3, at 3:30 EST. We will provide analysis of the proposed Federal Budget and tips for meeting with your elected officials in your communities.

If you do not act now, who will?


Noel Poyo

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