Who We Are

NALCAB – National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders represents and serves a geographically and ethnically diverse group of more than 100 non-profit community development and asset-building organizations that are anchor institutions in our nation’s Latino communities.

“Our mission is to strengthen the economy by advancing economic mobility in Latino communities.”

NALCAB pursues its mission by supporting its members with grants and other investments as well as by providing technical assistance in three program areas: equitable neighborhood development, small business investment and family financial capability. In close alignment with its core programmatic activities, NALCAB operates a fellowship to invest in next-generation leadership within its Network, hosts a national conference and implements a training institute focused on providing culturally and linguistically relevant asset building services.


  • In 2002, a group of passionate and experienced community and economic development leaders representing rural and urban Latino communities gathered to identify their most fundamental challenge: in order to build assets and wealth, community development organizations that serve Latino communities need greater access to capital and technical resources.
  • NALCAB held its first national conference in 2003 entitled “Accessing Capital to Create Wealth” in Albuquerque, New Mexico and successfully engaged a national cross section of Latino-led nonprofits and investors. In the years that followed, NALCAB expanded its audience through a series of events and developed an increasingly national membership base, representative of both urban and rural communities.
  • In late 2006, the Board of Directors hired its first Executive Director, Noel Andrés Poyo. NALCAB began to implement an integrated program of grant making and technical assistance focused on accessing capital, building organizational capacity and advancing the readiness of asset building projects.
  • From 2007 – 2012, NALCAB grew rapidly, exceeding the expectations laid out in its first five-year strategic plan. NALCAB’s organizational growth during this period was dramatic. Revenues quadrupled. Staff size grew from four in January 2008 to seventeen in December 2012. By 2012, the NALCAB Network included over 90 local and regional organizations operating in 32 states, serving tens of thousands of ethnically diverse families, businesses and communities with the goal of rebuilding and restoring family assets. NALCAB played a catalytic role in coordinating the collective capacity of our member organizations and has disseminated the expertise of our most successful members to help ensure the success of emerging organizations. NALCAB opened access to capital for Latino-serving non-profits on a level never before achieved.
  • In 2013, NALCAB’s Board of Directors adopted a new strategic plan, defining a clear vision for NALCAB’s future. NALCAB’s Executive Director and staff recognized that, in order to implement the Board’s aggressive vision, it would be necessary to build NALCAB’s organizational capacity and undertake a significant evolution in NALCAB’s lines of business and program areas.
  • From 2013 – 2015, NALCAB better defined its program areas and expanded its lines of business, while continuing to produce impacts in close partnership with the member Network. During this period, NALCAB’s staff grew to 23 positions and NALCAB’s budget surpassed $6 million. The NALCAB Network now includes more than 100 organizations operating in more than 40 states and DC. In 2015, NALCAB purchased and renovated its headquarters building in San Antonio.