NALCAB represents and serves a geographically an
ethnically diverse group of more than 100 non-profit community development and asset building organizations in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia that are anchor institutions in our nation’s Latino communities. NALCAB members are experts in implementing responsible, market-based strategies for creating jobs, developing neighborhood assets and building family wealth. They include affordable housing developers, micro-lenders, economic development corporations and

consumer counseling agencies.


In order to build assets in Latino families, communities and organizations, NALCAB works with its members to increase the flow of capital into low- and moderate-income communities through responsible, market-based and culturally relevant business models.


Increasing opportunities for economic mobility for Latinos is crucial for the future strength of the US economy. NALCAB helps to increase those opportunities through our policy efforts and program work: Equitable Neighborhood Development, Family Financial Capability, and Small Business Investment.


Since 2008, NALCAB has been a catalyst for more than $300 million in investment through its member network.

Membership Benefits


Organizational Capacity Building


  • Grants In 2016, NALCAB managed over $2 million in subgrants to non-profit organizations. Since 2011, NALCAB has made over $6 million in grants to non-profit organizations.


  • Technical Assistance – From Resource Development to New Program Development, NALCAB provides a variety of services to its members.


  • Member Collaboration and Consortia – NALCAB structures peer-to peer connections and collaboration among regional and local members sharing best practices and replicable scalable programs. Members can also apply in consortia for funding opportunities.


  • Policy Support – NALCAB engages members to develop a shared voice and policy framework.  Our Washington, DC team coordinates policy research and informs policymakers, funders and investors on increasing the flow of capital to Latino and low- and moderate-income communities.


Leadership Development


  • Culturally Relevant Training – Members receive discounted registration to attend NALCAB events including the National Conference, and National Training.

  • Pete Garcia Fellowship The NALCAB Pete Garcia Community Economic Development Fellowship Program was developed to ensure that next generation Latino leaders build the practical, personal and professional skills needed to fill the increasing leadership gap in the community economic development field.